7 Amazing New Zealand foods to try out

엔조제놀7 Amazing New Zealand foods to try out

New Zealand Health foods are always present on the world culinary maps. Being an island country, New Zealand is famous for its fresh and delicious seafood, and you may have heard that the indigenous there always adore their sweet tooth.

But that’s not all; the oceanic climate also provides a wide range of culinary ingredients that the New Zealander is always proud of. And did you know that they called themselves the “Kiwis” after the


1. Fish and Chips

Indeed the ‘“Fish and Chips” is a popular dish sprouted from England. However, it’s also a culinary tradition staple of the Kiwis. Most of the fish and chips restaurants or shops in New Zealand provide various options for the dish.


2. Green Lipped Mussels

The dark green shell and the bright green lip have given this mussel its name. Nowadays, you can find Green-lipped Mussels in other regions of the earth, but it’s much more affordable in New Zealand since you can enjoy them freshly caught.

green mussel oil
green mussel oil

The locals also believed that Green-lipped Mussels could reduce asthma and arthritis. The Kiwis usually prepare this ocean delicacy steamed or grilled, but some restaurants also offer it in their chowders. Havelock is where you can easiest find those mussels.


3.Bluff Oyster

You may have tried many kinds of oysters before, but skipping this one and you’ll regret it. In fact, many Kiwis and even foreigners assume that this is the tastiest oyster in the world. Nowadays, Bluff oysters have been commercially cultivated on a large scale.


Therefore, they are available across the country, and you can enjoy Bluff oysters all year round. For further enlightenment, its season begins from March to August, and the peak season is May, with an oyster festival that you shouldn’t miss.


4.Meat Pies

Indeed, meat pie appeared in different versions across countless regions. However, you’ll be surprised to know how famous it is in New Zealand and Australian food culture.

meat pies

The Kiwis even considered it one of their national identities and held an annual festival to honor their love for Meat Pies.

The meat pies here are as large as a hand, and the cultural filling includes mince or diced meat from cattle or poultry, onion, mushroom, and the essential gravy. However, you can also find various types of meat pie around the country; the most favorite addition is cheese.


5.Canterbury Lamb

Interestingly, the number of sheep in New Zealand is even greater than the population, and Canterbury gathered the most significant flocks. It’s also among the finest export lambs you can have from New Zealand.


In fact, about 25% of import lambs of the United States were exported from Canterbury. There are multiple ways to enjoy delicious lamb in New Zealand, grilled, toasted, or even sandwiched. Setting up a lamb crown is also a premium version of this delicacy.



6.Sausage Sizzle

Sausage Sizzle is associated with either a fast meal for weekends or fundraising events. This highly affordable snack is simply made of white loaf bread slices and “sizzling” cheap sausages, with ketchup, mustard sauce, and fried onions as accompanies.


The fun fact here is you can only find it on the weekends, when and where either kid or adult fundraising events are held. Hence, it’s also a New Zealand street food staple that you shouldn’t skip.



7.Kiwi Burger

Kiwi Burger is actually named after the Kiwis, and it doesn’t contain kiwi fruit in any aspect. Comparable to the regular burger, the Kiwi burger is a combination of qualified local ingredients, such as grass-fed beef.


The significant identities of the Kiwi burger are a fried egg and a few slices of beetroot in the layers. However, some Kiwis local eateries may not write the “Kiwi” name on their menu, so if you’re wanderlust and want to try this delicacy, just look for the burgers with beetroot.