How to care for and protect dog pads?

The pads serve as the dogs’ shoes. Its primary purpose is to shield the animal from ground friction and absorb its weight. They must be significant, right? Maintaining strong, healthy pads is akin to maintaining a sturdy shoe sole. Because of this, we provide some tips for taking care of this sensitive and significant part of the dog legs in this post.

Why is it important to take care of dog pads?

Because they are both shock absorbers and shields, the pads serve a protective purpose. However, while being tough and prepared for running or jumping, the pads are highly exposed and need extra care if you don’t want to miss your dog running with joy.

Dogs have four fat-filled digital pads on each leg, which offer flexibility and lessen the impact when the legs are lying on the ground. This reduces wear and tear from friction, fractures, and muscle strains.

Additionally, they have sweat glands, which keep the pads moist to avoid cracking. Dryness and cracking are clear indications that their pads need to be mended.

Frequent pad problems or injuries in dogs

The most common factors that affect the health of our beloved furry companions are dehydration-related cracking, wounds from sharp objects, and floor temperature.

Here are some guidelines on how to safeguard and take care of your dog’s pads so that you will know what to do in any situation.

Look before you step

Although we first compared the pads to shoes, your dog walks barefoot. Your dog’s surroundings might be a minefield if he runs or steps in an inappropriate place at any moment.

Cleaning the wound after your dog self-cuts to make sure there are no traces of dirt, sand, or pebbles is the best course of action.건강식품도매

Grab the first aid kit and clean the wound if it’s a minor injury, and you don’t need to rush to the vet. After that, you can cover it with sterilized gauze because, even though leaving it outside is a good idea, maintaining its cleanliness and disinfection will be difficult.

Applying a moisturiser or ointment that encourages skin regeneration and maintains the region well-hydrated will aid in the healing process.

Visit your veterinarian if there is a deep wound so that he can take action or give you instructions to heal the wound.

Beware it burns

Tolerating the ground’s temperature is one more challenge that our furry friends encounter when they run or walk.

The asphalt can burn your dog’s pads during the summer because of its extreme heat. Avoid going for walks in the hottest part of the day, and opt for more natural paths where your dog can walk on cooler surfaces.건기식위탁판매

If your dog lives in a cold climate with regular snowfall or ice sheets, keep in mind that freezing temperatures can also burn.

Prevention is better than dehydration

Due to dehydration and excessive wear, pad cracks are more common in dogs with canine hyperkeratosis than in healthy dogs.

The pads are strengthened and made more resistant by using specific creams or ointments to moisturize and strengthen the area. This prevents extreme dryness and, as a result, cracking.